This is an incredibly difficult message to send out. However a decision has been made to restructure our business going forward. This means that the retail arm of TRIBAL will be closing down as of the 25th February 2019. This business has become so much more to us than just our day to day jobs. We have formed social groups, shared countless laughs, shared in both the highs and the lows of training for the past 6 years. We are so appreciative for the customers who have turned in to very real friends as a result. Unfortunately, the economic environment that we find ourselves in makes it impractical to continue with our retail divisions. However, as you know, TRIBAL has become so much more than that for the East London active community. We encourage you all to continue forging friendships through sport, supporting each other to live healthy lifestyles and sharing whatever knowledge you may have with your friends and family.

The shop, workshop and coffee shop will continue to run until the 25th February 2019. There will be no more vehicle assisted rides however we do encourage you all to still use the routes and shop as a meeting point. Unfortunately there will also be no more TRIBAL Events in the near future as a result.

We would also like to thank all the staff members at TRIBAL who have been part of this incredible journey and trust that the knowledge and expertise gained will be transferred into future endevours. In the spirit of the community and for the ethos that TRIBAL stands for, our whatsapp group will remain open, and can be used as a local forum to spread information about rides/ runs/ events and accomplishments in our fantastic city. As you can understand, this is such a tough message to send out, as we have been so emotionally invested in the TRIBAL journey- as have many of you. We thank you for being part of such an amazing time in our lives. We look forward to seeing you all in the pool, on the saddle, or on the road very soon.

Yours, Cillian, Giddo, Katy, Liam and Siobhan.